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Residential Troubleshooting & Repair

Making Sure Your Home’s Technology Exceeds Your Expectations!

Computers and devices that are in your home are often just as important as the devices in your work or business. Many people utilize their home devices to work after hours, stay connected with friends and family, continue their education and more!

Is your computer making noises, getting weird messages, running too slow, or not turning on? YES Tech can diagnosis and repair your computer quickly and get it back up and running fast!

We understand the need for your devices to be in tip-top shape so they can meet all of your needs. Some of the home computer repair services that our experts offer include:

Computer Diagnostics

Identify the root of your computer and network issues and explain any areas of concern in non-technical, easily understood terms.

Computer Laptop Repair

Repair devices while maintaining regular communication about the amount of time spent or the cost of the repair.

Device Clean Up

Prolong the life of your devices with regular maintenance including clean up of temporary files, physical cleaning, and virus removal.

Device & OS Upgrades

Management of device updates including newly-released operating systems and features.

Data Transfer

Easily move pictures, music, and personal documents from an old machine to your new device.

Home Networks

Connect to your home network quickly and easily while ensuring your data is always safe.

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